Short term joint staff meeting event

The Short-term joint staff training event of Volunteers 4 ALL took place in Bansko (Bulgaria) between 12-18 August 2018. In the training participated youth workers and volunteers dealing with migrant issues and use of social media channels coming from Bulgaria, Austria, Spain and Italy.  The main objective of the project was  to strengthen youth workers digital literacy exploring the importance of social media and how to use them to provide support and services to refugees.

The training event aimed also to share best practices regarding youth work with migrants and for migrants coming to Europe and analyze the use of social media in each participant’s country. Indeed, youth workers and volunteers are often unpaid resources and have a various set of motivations to become volunteers.

Also we  reinforced ICT digital knowledge/literacy in crisis and risk communication, sharing best practices, understanding better the relation with volunteers, and better preparing youth workers and volunteers engaged in this field to improve the expected impacts, according to the European objectives.

 Number of  objectives were set for the event as following:

-To give the possibility to NGOs to count on volunteers/young social media experts.

-To provide volunteers good practices and tips on how to reach refugees and engage them via social media channels.

-To create an easy-to-apply training methodology to introduce volunteers to the possibilities of digital media to get engaged, tell a story, make sense of events, raise awareness and provoke change.

-To strengthen formal and non-formal learning for young people.

-To foster social inclusion.