Survey report

The report presents selected results from the survey “Questionnaire about refugee awareness and digital/social competence of youth workers/ volunteers”.  The overall objective of the study was to detect the lack of youth workers’ digital literacy on addressing the needs of refugees and asylum seekers and to produce a new knowledge on the topic. All the results resource is collected and analysed very carefully and the receive information will be used for building e-learning courses for the project – Intellectual Output 1.

This report covers a wide range of volunteer and youth worker opinions on questions regarding the refugee awareness and digital competence of youth workers, and begins with a summary of the key findings drawn from the survey analysis and strategic recommendations. The recommendations are followed by general conclusions and detailed findings.

Specifically, we examine:

  • The importance of the digital skills for the volunteers in their daily work and their main needs regarding the work with immigrants/refugees;
  • The gaps inside NGOs as to how ICTs and social media are employed by volunteers and youth workers for the purpose of helping migrants before, during and after their migration journey;
  • Participant´s opinion about the use of social media in addressing the needs of refugees and asylum seekers;