Multiplier Event

On Thursday, May 23rd, 2019 Asociación PROJUVEN organized a final conference to present the project “Volunteers 4 All”, its outputs and outcomes to interested stakeholders.

The lead person of the conference was Francesco Ruberto, president and project manager of Asociación PROJUVEN while Georgi Kuzmanov, coordinator of V4ALL and Vice-chairperson of Alternativi International, delivered as well an introduction speech to conference participants.

Asociación PROJUVEN utilized its existing network and social media resources to promote the event. All participants who took part in the project activities were invited and informed about the event. The main aims and objectives of the event was to promote the projects’ outputs and activities as well as to emphasize the significance of the Erasmus+ programme contribution towards the implementation of the Volunteers 4 All. The project manager of Asociación PROJUVEN, Francesco Ruberto, presented the project Volunteers 4 All and its intellectual outputs:

-Survey report

– E-learning courses (IO1)

-Volunteers 4 All guide (IO2)

All available languages of such output were presented.(English, Bulgarian, German, Spanish, Italian)

The main aims and objectives of the event was to promote the projects’ outputs and activities as well as to emphasize the significance of the Erasmus+ programme contribution towards the implementation of the Volunteers 4 All.

The overall objective of this activity was two fold: on the one hand to raise awareness over the project, its objectives and outputs and on the other to create the appropriate conditions for sustainable results, after the funding period. In order to do so, PROJUVEN involved members of the target group, not limited to their already established network, based on a solid dissemination plan that was developed and accepted by the partnership. It brought together youth workers, volunteers, project managers, trainers, educators, experts and professionals to exchange ideas and experiences on the V4A topics and IOs produced.

Primary, the conference aimed to inform the operators of non-profits organizations and stakeholders about the use and operation of the e-learning courses and Volunteers 4 All Guide and stimulate them to use and spread these new resources.

In the afternoon part of the conference, two workshops were delivered to conference participants.

At the end of the conference, participants were invited to complete an online evaluation questionnaire.

 Workshops delivered:

Workshop 1: Journey to Europe begins on social media

Key Speaker: Rosalía Cano (Asociación EuropeYou)

Rosalía Cano presented to conference participants how migrants and refugees in their journey to Europe leverage on social media. Participants to the conference discovered how messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Viber help migrants and refugees en route to contact smugglers, friends and families alike while Internet mapping ensures they don’t get lost.

Rosalía Cano also presented to participants the app, MY LIFE AS A REFUGEE, which is a free app developed by UNHCR (http://mylifeasarefugee.org/ ) and built for iOS and Android, that let players contemplate the same life-changing decisions refugees make in a true-to-life quest to try to survive, reach safety, reunite with loved ones and re-start their lives. Followed, an open discussion and debate.


Workshop 2: NGOs challenges – Dealing with migrants and refugees crisis through the use of main social media channels

Key Speaker: Francesco Ruberto

Francesco Ruberto presented the main Facebook groups and twitter accounts followed by refugees. Morever, he explained how refugees are hard to reach, distrustful of NGOs and authorities, and look for safe spaces and trusted intermediaries (in this case social media) who are close to the ground who understand and can respond to their experiences and needs.

Finally, he ended the workshop describing what NGOs and volunteers need to know to offer direct support via social media to migrants and refugees throughout Europe and North Africa; what questions refugees ask (information about fundamental rights, how to apply for international protection (political asylum), level of the reception system, etc.). Followed, an open discussion and debate.


The significant results that the Volunteers 4 All project and partners have already produced, were promoted to targeted, related stakeholders in a very productive way. The main benefit of the event was that Volunteers 4 All outputs were welcomed as added value tools and all participants of the conference declared their willingness to use such outputs in their NGO daily operations and local projects. Each participant expressed the willingness to reinforce awareness-raising on the Volunteers 4 All project and available results and support initiatives promoting educational synergies in the field of the project.