Creation of a new resources will be implemented by the team starting from November 2018 and will be ready for publish around February 2019. “Volunteers 4 All Guide” is aiming to present current situation, challenges & opportunities as well as the main project results with best practices.

The report will be populated with training resources as a tool-kit for youth workers. It will also provide a series of discussion forums for youth workers and professionals in each of the 4 partner countries to collaborate and exchange best practice at national and transnational levels.

The Guide will also ensure the sustainability and improving the achievements made through the project. The Guide will establish also a list of tips and recommendations in order to continue improving the work in this field, not only inside the project partners’ organizations but for all interested organizations in Europe which are active in the migrant field.  Indeed, a  a chapter will be dedicated to a “Common European Framework for volunteers”.  It will be a useful reference document for volunteers, youth workers and youth volunteers.

Approaching and helping refugees through social media channels is a relatively new issue and the latest one that youth workers are being asked to address. This report will provide an innovative and comprehensive response to support youth workers and other volunteers. In the report will be marked the necessity of a strong sense of civic responsibility and a clear understanding of what is right for a better and fairer Europe.

The report will offer to a range of multiple stakeholders (public authorities at different levels, tech companies, volunteers, NGOs, foundations and refugee representatives) a new source of information for exchanging the practicalities of making the best use of technology in facilitating refugees’ safe arrival to Europe, their integration in European societies and provide an input to European Commission on how it can support technological innovation in refugees’ crisis.