Dissemination of the project in Brazil

 In the period between 22-30 November 2018, Mr.Georgi Kuzmanov, vice-chairperson of association Alternativi International took part in Job Shadowing activity within a Capacity Building project for entrepreneurship and women empowerment. On 27 of November 2018 on workshop implemented with local youth and teachers from the university  in Ilheus, Brazil, Mr.Kuzmanov has presented the project Volunteers 4 ALL and it’s aims, objectives and outcomes.  The main focus on the workshop was the E-learning courses created within the project  and the reason for it which  comes from the clear lack of e-learning courses on this theme and NGOs know very little about the media journeys of refugees and what precise information they need. That gave to the students and teachers different perspective on education and integrating new technologies in their work. Apart from that Mr.Kuzmanov has proposed several non-formal games related to stereotypes, prejudice, hate speech, discrimination and so on which were done with the participation of the teachers and students from the university of Ilheus.

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